Connecting people, teams, organization that's what I love doing in a natural way. Changes can only be realized together and only by individual motivation, commitment and strength.

As an anthropologist I have developed an open way of looking at people and organizations. I'm trained to listen and to observe, but I am also skilled in placing information in a broader context. Over the years I have developed these skills in the field of sustainability and climate change.

Climate change asks for innovative new ways of thinking and behaving of individuals, governments, companies and also knowledge institutions. We need all hands on deck. Connecting the knowledge of people to create new pathways to a healthy and long lasting world. Creating space to implement technical solutions.

Coach, Climate-KIC (Pioneers into Pratice Programme)

Climate-KIC is one of three Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) created in 2010 by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) an EU body whose mission is to create sustainable growth. They support this mission by addressing climate change mitigation and adaptation. Pioneers into Practice is Climate-KIC's professional mobility programme. Low Carbon Economy professionals from education, research, enterprise and administration join and put into practice their expertise to create new products and services in the field of the climate change.

As a head coach, I'm co designing exercises and activities for workshops for the PIP programme. I coach the participants throughout their placements and group project on a group and individual level. While facilitating group processes I challenge people to get to their personal drive and core.

Workshop facilitator, Factory for Change (Lego serious play-workshops)

Factory4Change believes that the source for innovation an change in organizations relies on the experience and values of its members. They accompany and facilitate processes of innovation and change, helping teams to unlock and harness the internal knowledge and creativity they already have. In immersive and disruptive sessions, they put in place some of the most innovative tools in system thinking, creativity, communication and design thinking. Aiming for tangible and real solutions Together with Factory for change I have facilitated lego serious play workshops on circular economy focussing on strategy development and visioning.

Governmental organisations

I have been working with local and regional governments on their sustainable pathway and have developed a broad network in the field of sustainability ranging from sustainable energy to climate adaptation, waste, and circular economy. In my work I bridge the gap between government and society. I work with local initiatives in a local and regional context. The energy transition has just started and demands a lot of effort from governmental organisations on all levels. I’m developing new pathways through the system aiming for a more sustainable systems on a practical and strategic level.


We Drive Solar, LomoXnet We drive solar is an electric car sharing project that contributes to a different perception on mobility. Les parking spaces more shared cars combined with smart solar charging. The mobility of the future.

Ragnhild Scheifes
Ragnhild Scheifes


Anthropologist, adviser, coach, trainer, transition management


Van Riemsdijkgaarde 14 Bunnik, NL
E-mail: info@sustainablethinking.nl Phone: 06 387 41 787